We saw the familiar Call-and-Response structure found in both prayer and political demonstration, that is capable of scaffolding a strongly differentiated belief.  This is how Theology and Political Ideology both make use of Joint Speech.  The former ritualises it, in keeping with its sense of continuity of belief. The latter is only rarely able to stabilize its beliefs sufficiently for effective use of this, until it becomes likewise ritualised in the ceremonies of the State, or in Parades of Commemoration.

Another structure we need a name for is of the form:

Leader:  phrase 1

All: phrase 1

Leader: phrase 2

All: phrase 2


This form is found in the swearing of secular oaths of allegiance when new citizens are sworn in.  It is also found in prayers within the main mosque at Raqqa, within the current Caliphate, set up the the Islamic State.  Students of Joint Speech might like to ponder what the relationship between individual belief and the associated institutions of power is that is indexed by this structure.