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Chanting is typically a spontaneous expression of collective intentions.  We noted below how creepy it is when corporations muscle in on the act. Now I see a major corporation, Panasonic, has tried to self-consciously introduce and promote a chant to promote a football player they are sponsoring. There seems to me to be a stark contrast between the slickness of the presentation, with a DJ in charge of a massive deck with multiple turntables, all in the shape of a football boot, and the-there is no gentle way to put this-dumb nature of the chant itself.  I fear we may see more of this shortly.


Speaking, declaiming, shouting, and singing together allows the expression of group feelings: Feelings that are often simple, usually strong, sometimes stupid, but always rooted in the collective identity that so finds expression.  This underlies the use of collective speaking in oaths and ceremonies, rituals and rites, because we take the collective voice very seriously.

How horrible then to find this ability misused by corporations, as employees are required to participate in a company-sponsored chant.   Walmart seem to be particularly enthused by this form of ritual humiliation of their employees as they get them to chant “Who’s number 1? . . . The customer!  What do we want to be? . . . Accident free!!”  I’m sure other corporations do this too without a thought.

Videos of this practice abound.  Here’s just one sad sample:

Feel free to provide illustrations by other corporations in the comments.