There is no current support for chant, or joint speaking, as a form of expression in the digital world.  In theory, it would not be too difficult to facilitate the creation, sharing, and enjoyment of joint speaking within a digital framework, say as part of a digital petition – where the recipient must hear the collective voice as well as receive the signatures – or as something to be passed around and added to for fun, say by football fans or devotees of this or that sect.

One example of what might be in store comes from Hans Zimmer, who did the score for a recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  The movie memorably features scenes in which a large group of people chant “He rises” in a North African language. Is it Moroccan Arabic?  Berber?  Zimmer is coy on the issue.  The words are “deshi basara”.  Before the film’s release, Zimmer solicited and got recordings of thousands of fans, each on their own, chanting these words, and he married them together into a thoroughly convincing large-crowd chant that plays at an emotionally charged moment.  Fans were thus part of the chant they heard on the film’s release.

Zimmer discusses the chant here. You can hear the chant from about the 50 second mark in this trailer: